Compliance risk is the exposure to penalties, fines and reputational damage your business faces when you fail to act in accordance with laws and Regulations applicable to your business.  Compliance risk management compliments, and is integral to, effective governance and risk management.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the ongoing changes in your business environment, both in big and small businesses, and certainty regarding your compliance obligations will provide peace of mind and must not be under-estimated as an asset to your business.

Jirrah Governance Consulting will assist you with:

  • Identifying which legislative, regulatory and industry requirements your business has to comply with;
  • Predicting the impact of emerging regulations on the strategic direction of your business;
  • Determining the right compliance roles and accountabilities which can include assistance with interviews and drafting of job descriptions;
  • Identifying and assisting with the compilation of regulatory reports that have to be submitted;
  • Driving a compliance culture in your business;
  • Developing integrated compliance capabilities to better anticipate global trends and best practice, increase efficiency and participate in the evolution of your organisation’s core strategies.