The increased speed of change, growing market volatility and complexity, higher expectations from investors, business partners and clients, not to mention pressure from regulators and government departments have forced organisations, big and small, to become more risk informed.

Risk informed organisations meet their strategic objectives by anticipating risks, adapting to changing environments, responding effectively to change and utilising their resources effectively.  

Jirrah Governance Consulting will assist you in becoming a risk informed organisation by following a practical approach that focuses on:

STRATEGY:The impact of risk on your business’s strategy and performance
INTEGRATION:Ensuring that risk management is part of strategy setting, planning, day-to-day business execution and business continuity management
CUSTOMISATION:Finding a program to fit your business needs, expectations and culture
SUPPORT:Designing and supporting your business with the implementation of improvement plans
REPORTING:Ensuring independent reporting of accurate, valid and complete risk information to the relevant governance and business forums