The increase in standards, legislative developments and pressure on performance have led to increased focus on risk and compliance.  Business growth and expansion is often a lush environment for inefficiencies and risk exposures, which in turn lead to an increase in pressure on performance and staff morale.  

Effective governance, risk and compliance management are drivers of sustainable growth and act as enablers of business strategy, while also providing the board, investors, regulators and clients with peace of mind.  

Jirrah Governance Consulting is a level 4 Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) company that will assist you in identifying and minimising /eliminating risks associated with your business, while also ensuring that you are legally compliant.  We believe in a practical and educational approach to the management of governance, risk and compliance to ensure that the fundamentals of risk management are understood throughout your business.  It is no longer prudent for management to regard effective management of governance, risk and compliance as a burden and the assistance we provide will support your organisation to embed this belief and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

We provide training to the board, management and staff on legislative requirements and how these are translated into day-to-day business processes.  This ensures that you minimize your exposure to fines and penalties while enhancing brand value.